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Bright Urban Loft | Conversion into a Residential Apartment

Under the leadership of architect Susanna Kallio, a team of architects transformed the former office spaces in Punavuori into residential units.

Helsinki, Punavuori

Concept | Interior Architecture


The building’s old property posed its own constraints, and the compact layout of the space added further challenges. Serving as the project manager, Susanna Kallio, the founder of Kohina, took responsibility for the entire transformation process from start to finish. Her responsibilities included preparing permit drawings, furniture design, and project management.

From the outset, it was clear that converting the old property into a modern residential space would require careful planning and expertise. The original use and structure of the building presented their own set of challenges, and the compactness of the space necessitated creative solutions to optimize its use.

As the project progressed, Kallio and her team encountered various obstacles, but solutions were found for each problem. Special attention was paid to furniture design to ensure efficiency of space utilization and ergonomics, allowing residents to enjoy a cozy and functional home.

All in all, the conversion of Punavuori’s former office spaces into residences was a challenging yet rewarding project.


The successful transformation of the space into four separate apartments was seamlessly achieved. In addition to this, significant architectural changes were made, such as converting windows to floor-to-ceiling height, adding a window to the firewall, and designing interior stairs to flood the area with natural light. These alterations allowed for maximizing the brightness and functionality of the space, ensuring that every square meter was put to good use. Furthermore, the rooms feel more spacious, and natural light flows beautifully throughout the apartment.

On the lower floor, an open-plan living area, dining space, and a compact WC were designed, while the upper floor accommodated a bedroom, a generously sized bathroom with a WC, and a workspace at the top of the stairs. Through custom-designed built-in furniture, the apartment offers ample storage space, making it particularly suitable for a functional family home. Overall, the apartment became a cohesive and thoughtfully designed space, with its minimalist design allowing for personalization to suit individual needs.

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