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When increasing the property’s value, developing the customer experience and people’s well-being are your goals, we help.

We help your business to a new level by involving people, high-quality design, joy and sustainability.

We base our multidisciplinary thinking, methods and design work on the roots of people, facilities and companies.

puinen vastaanottotiski

In order to design truly interesting spaces and concepts, we must first understand what is essential to different people, what kind of everyday life they live and, above all, what kind of life they wish for.

The core of our work is identifying these, often subconscious, needs, wishes and dreams. Our work is guided by curiosity and the ability to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes.

For us, research and thinking work is not a purpose in itself, but how we can refine the knowledge into a concrete plan.

Our multidisciplinary expert team manages master and architectural design, interior design, service design, graphic design, visualizations and project management according to your needs.

Real Estate Development

An underutilized property can be made attractive by combining information about the needs and supply of the target group with a well-considered space concept.

properties, business premises and apartments to be attractive, we increase the value of the properties and more efficient utilization rate, taking into account the life cycle and carbon footprint of the buildings.

Are you interested in increasing the value of your property?

Our property development service

  • Real estate renovations and changes of use
  • Location and target group analyses
  • Project plans
  • Master and architectural design
  • Property branding
  • Signage plans and infographics
  • Modeling and visualizations
  • Rental and marketing support
  • Test-fit layouts
  • Quality level descriptions
  • New business concept environments
  • Concept design

Do you want to hear more or do you have a property that you would like open-minded development ideas for? 

Ask for a quote:

A business premises project coming up, but you don’t know where to start? When you want controlled solutions and an efficiently managed change process for your workplace Ask for a quote:

Workplace Services

With participative and controlled management, even the most challenging change journey can be reached efficiently and with productive results.

development team, construction project and work environment change journey with controlled processes, participatory workshops and digital tools. We help you through the journey of change, make the new useful and ensure your competitiveness in the coming years. We make the complicated easy.

Are you looking for a partner who will smoothly bring the work environment project to the finish line? 

Our workplace services include:

  • Hybrid Work – work style survey – A quick way to map staff views – more information for space planning and change management 
  • Office Space Dimensioning – space program – For space search, a summary of space needs and the square footage of the future office
  • New Normal Strategy – management workshop – Outlines for office change, management’s shared understanding of goals and work culture
  • Office Concept and Next Steps – draft design and conceptualization process – Crystallized concept and visual appearance of the new office. A customized measure proposal for the continuation of the project
  • Culture Hack workshop – Suggestions for new operating models for the hybrid work toolkit, as well as new spatial development ideas related to operating models for the office concept.
  • Hybrid Work Pocket Book – a manager’s guide – A tool for teams to agree on the rules of the game for hybrid work
  • House Rules – workshop – Operating instructions for the work environment to increase functionality and comfort, a common spirit for hybrid work and the opportunity for personnel to bring forward ideas in a solution-oriented environment

Business premises, restaurants, cafes, hotels

We believe in sustainably developed commercial spaces. With lively planning and a relevant idea, a completely new business can be shaped. With a strong technical understanding, good background research and participatory tools, as well as cost calculations, you can build an exciting wow- experiences.

New business environments for user needs from strategic points of departure. We design functional, attractive commercial spaces with a strong visual appearance. Experiential and sustainable facilities in a customer-oriented and cost-conscious manner.

Looking for new business premises or need to update old ones?

Our services for retail and hospitality spaces:

  • Shopping center design
  • Retail spaces
  • Showrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel concepts
  • Concept design
  • Needs assessment   
  • User interviews and analyses
  • Project management and coordination
  • Service design 
  • Cost calculations, tenders
  • Visualizations and modeling, signs, infographics and graphic design

If your goal is an attractive visual concept for a restaurant or an experiential service environment for a business space? Contact us and request an offer!

When you want a functional home or an attractive living concept – Ask for an offer:

Houses and homes

We design apartments that feel like homes.
Sustainable wooden construction is close to our hearts.
Our individual design solutions stem from the story and history of the house and the place and meet the needs of the resident. Cozy, long-lasting, functional homes, where every living detail has been considered. Our distinctive, high-quality solutions increase the property’s value.

Distinctive living concepts, customized small house solutions, attraction and attractiveness for living.
Homes that are functional and bring luxury to everyday life for the user’s needs.

Looking for a reliable partner who will design your home?

Asumisen palvelumme

  • Master and architectural design
  • Interior design
  • Concept design
  • Building permit applications
  • Change of purpose of use
  • Protection surveys and definitions
  • Concepts of rental housing
  • Service design
  • Graphic design
  • Virtual modeling and visualization
  • Project management

Learning, health and wellness facilities

The opportunities and cost savings created by digitization become part of learning and health and well-being facilities. With our participatory and strategic planning tools, we create new spaces to meet the needs of a changed world. The end result is responsible spaces that increase well-being and community.

Service design is an integral part of our design process. Customer orientation, service processes and digitalization possibilities as part of user and customer paths. We convert old teaching facilities or health and wellness facilities into hybrid environments of the future.

Interested in developing solutions of the future?

Our learning spaces services:

  • Service design
  • Concept design for learning spaces
  • Campus development
  • Project plans, needs assessments
  • Master and architectural design
  • Interior and furniture design
  • Graphic design, signs
  • Project management
  • Cost calculations, procurement, tenders

Our services for health and wellness facilities:

  • Service design
  • Concept development of health and wellness facilities
  • Project plans, needs assessments
  • Master and architectural design
  • Interior and furniture design
  • New business concept environments
  • Graphic design, signs
  • Project management
  • Cost calculations, procurement, tenders

Do you want to improve the use of space and create future hybrid solutions for your property? Contact:

When you want more paying customers to your property with distinctive marketing materials and visualizations – 
Ask for more:

Real estate marketing

By visualizing a shared vision, plans become concrete and are easy to buy. With a strategic understanding of business, we create end products that serve to increase the property’s value.  

Brand appearance of the property, renovations of the lobbies and signs to promote the sale or rental of the premises. Real estate marketing materials, visualizations and brochures to concretize properties for sale.

Do you want to increase the distinctiveness of your property in the market?

Our real estate marketing services

  • Property branding
  • Lobby facelift renovations
  • Service design and concept development
  • Signage plans and neon signs designs
  • Virtual modeling and visualizations
  • Graphic design
  • Illuminated advertisements and infographics designs

Get to know some of our latest works: