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Modern log house Casa Cahveli | Functionality and ecological values guided the design process.

“When we had the opportunity to visit a few high-quality log houses, we were certain about the building material. The initial sketches by the architect looked promising, and with minor adjustments, we achieved a fantastic end result.”

– Aleksi Koskelo, client

In the design process, there was a particular focus on functionality, aiming to streamline the everyday life of an active family.

Architect Susanna Kallio from Kohina designed a modern log house for the family, where everyday functionalities are meticulously considered.

There is direct access from the car to an outdoor storage area, where outdoor sports equipment can be stored, and through the foyer, one enters a well-equipped utility room.

At the same time, upon entering, there is a long direct view to the living room and the yard. Casa Cahveli is a meticulously designed home where practicality and beauty harmoniously merge.

247 m²

Principal Design | Architecture | Interior Architecture | Lighting Design | Acoustic Design


The starting point for the design was the plot owned by the family and its requirements. Initially, negotiations with the building authorities and the placement of the house on the plot, as well as its integration into the environment, were emphasized.

In addition to modern aesthetics, the design aimed to prioritize functionality. Laundry facilities, walk-in closets, and the organization of the foyer were carefully planned with the smooth flow of daily life in mind. Lighting, acoustic, and electrical design were also meticulously considered, with every power outlet taken into account.

The homeowner family desired a modern log house, and collaboration with Honkatalot enabled a completely tailored implementation, where every detail was carefully considered.


The L-shaped building was optimally positioned on the plot, allowing for a space where residents can enjoy their privacy while maintaining a connection to the outdoors. Large windows provide views outside from the interior, creating a bright and spacious atmosphere. The sauna and bathroom were designed to offer views and access to the yard, enhancing living comfort.

All aspects of the home were carefully planned to streamline the daily life of an active family. Through a collaboration between structural and interior design, a result was achieved that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Casa Cahveli epitomizes contemporary luxury, combining ecological values with the best aspects of modern living.

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