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Renovation of a private residence| Functional family home

Two separate apartments were transformed into a stylish unit with an interior staircase, catering to the needs of a family with children.

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200 m2

Architecture | Furniture Design | Project Management | Interior Architecture


Built in the 1930s, the house was due for plumbing renovations, offering an opportunity to integrate the apartment’s renovation with the ongoing work. The two-story residence was to be adapted to meet the needs of a family with children. In order to streamline daily life for the family, the possibility of combining two separate apartments located on different floors into a unified space was considered, using an internal staircase.

The goal was to optimize space and create a seamless connection between the two levels, enabling the efficient use of every square meter while maintaining an open and cohesive atmosphere throughout the home.


The disruption caused by the plumbing renovation in the family’s routine was turned into an advantage by implementing the renovation concurrently. The unified and harmonious layout created with the internal staircase was pleasing to the family and met the needs of the four-member household.

The upstairs became the main floor, housing the formal living room, lounge areas, dining area, and a separate bedroom for parents or guests. Downstairs, the focus was on everyday convenience: there were laundry facilities, the remaining bedrooms, a casual living area, and a playroom for the children. The success of the project was ensured by the client’s foresight and their willingness to involve a professional.

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