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Shopping Center Redi’s Skidi Port I A Maritime Children’s Playground near Food Port Restaurant World.

Skidi Port is a unique children’s world designed especially for families visiting the Food Port restaurant world.

The design was guided by playfulness and freedom of imagination. We boldly crafted a different, inspiring, and functional children’s world.

In the planning of Skidi Port children’s playground, our aim was to capture the joy and uniqueness of play while considering sustainability goals. Our objective was to create an immersive and imagination-fueling playground that attracts children and provides a comfortable environment for adults.

The maritime location of Redi, an old harbor area, served as inspiration for both the Food Port restaurant world and the children’s world, aptly named Skidi Port. The location also inspired the ball pit theme for the playground. Skidi Port even boasts its own bright gates, inviting everyone to step into a fantasy world.

A charming family of fairytale characters crowns the concept of Skidi Port. 

We designed a graphic identity for Skidi Port, including the name, logo, and the entire endearing fairytale character family. These characters playfully roam around the Skidi Port area and appear in marketing materials. The fairytale characters and the graphic identity enhance the approachability and recognizability of the area.

Graphic design and illustration were crucial parts of the overall concept, adding the finishing touch to the cheerful and friendly atmosphere.

Through innovation and a little extra effort, significant sustainability actions were achieved in the area’s design.

Sustainability was at the core of the area’s design, particularly evident in material choices. The emphasis on sustainability and sustainable design grew stronger when we decided to repurpose old store elements from the shopping center’s inventory. Repurposing and modifying these old store elements required more time, specialized expertise, and dedication compared to traditional design processes.

However, the sustainability effort paid off, resulting in Skidi Port gaining a unique and personalized look that delights customers.

Shopping Center Redi, Helsinki

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The shopping center needed a new children’s play area strategically placed adjacent to the upcoming Food Port restaurant world.

From the beginning, it was clear that the children’s play area within the shopping center had to withstand heavy usage. The premise was a space without loose furniture or other furnishings; everything had to be solid, durable and implemented responsibly.

However, the design goal was to create an inspiring, child-friendly, yet cozy space where also adults could enjoy their time.

Material choices and collaborations underscored the importance of sustainability and sustainable development.


As a result of the bold design, a unique entity was born, which has aroused admiration among both children and adults.

The carousel designed by Kohina and the ball wall with embedded furniture brings much-needed activity to the space without loose toys.

Also, the decision to utilize old retail elements in the lower ceiling and entrance gates proved worth the effort. They bring much-needed warmth and coziness to the space.

The playground was named Skidi Port, inspired by the maritime location and the expanding Food Port restaurant world. The name and graphic look with fairy tale characters have aroused admiration, bringing approachability to the place and supporting the shopping center’s communication.

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