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Town house | A timeless, thoughtful home.

“The house had all the elements that were important to us, and the rest was made functional through renovation.”

– Architect Susanna Kallio, Kohina

“Every item has its own place. Everyday life revolves around small, deliberate steps.”

Carefully considered special features include access to the sauna from outside, an old open fireplace, and a private garden with vegetable patches.

In the design and construction of the house, special attention has been paid to practicality and homeliness. One of the carefully considered special features is access to the sauna from outside, offering users a unique and traditional Finnish sauna experience. This solution also allows for optimal ventilation in the sauna and creates an atmosphere outside the house.

Another significant detail is the old open fireplace, which adds coziness and warmth to the interior of the house. The warmth of the fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere, especially on winter evenings, and offers the opportunity to enjoy the flickering flames with family and friends.

Additionally, the house features its own garden with vegetable patches. This enables the cultivation of homegrown produce and fosters a connection to nature and the origin of food. Tending to the garden also provides a relaxing and therapeutic hobby for the residents, and harvesting fresh vegetables from the garden enhances the quality and taste of food.

200 m²
Espoo, Kattilalaakso

Project management | Interior architecture


The nearly original condition of the detached house required a complete renovation, but it resulted in the couple’s clear, modern home.

A good floor plan, a large private lot, a secluded yard, and the opportunity to personalize the home supported the decision to purchase.

The extensive renovation had to be carried out within a tight schedule: the detached house was gutted to a raw state, load-bearing walls were removed, and HVAC systems were replaced in just three months.


The detached house was transformed into a functional, practical, and visually beautiful whole. The floor plan supports the family’s life cycle and also allows for personal space. Each space is designed according to its intended use.

The atmosphere is enhanced by lighting, music systems, and unique details. Deliberate special features include, among others, access to the sauna from the outside, an old open fireplace, and a private garden with vegetable beds.

The interior design favors timeless and high-quality materials and furniture. Contrasts in lighting and colors, authentic materials, and highlighting the characteristics of wood create an earthy and cozy atmosphere.

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