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Destia Headquarters | Transformation journey from office space to hybrid workspace in line with the brand identity

“We were seeking a broader change in work culture, not just a change in office spaces. Simultaneously, we aimed for cost savings.”

In the change, we wanted to actively listen to the employees, and based on this, we decided on a new central headquarters location.

The new central location near the services strengthens the employer image, makes the recruitment process more efficient and at the same time improves employee comfort.

In addition, the new location enabled significant savings. In the new facilities, for example, shared facilities are used together with another company.

Responsibility, quality and sense of community were central to the interior architectural solutions.

All workstations in the office were equipped to a high standard so that anyone can work at any workstation.

In addition, old furniture was reused by refurbishing and repositioning it.

Various working areas were designed for the space, which enable both efficient teamwork and quiet, privacy-demanding work.

Tripla, Helsinki

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Aiming to reduce office space and achieve cost savings: Originally, the goal was to reduce the office space area and realize financial savings.

A broader cultural change: Simultaneously with the headquarters transformation and renewal, Destia wanted to initiate a large-scale cultural change.

Attracting employees: The goal was also to attract employees to the office and, at the same time, strengthen the company’s brand identity by creating comfortable, functional, and brand-aligned spaces.


“The project’s most significant achievement was the new central location of Destia’s headquarters, which was found with the assistance of Kohina. This change strengthens the brand’s position and significantly enhances employee comfort.

Furthermore, significant cost savings were achieved in both direct and indirect expenses, and space efficiency improved by as much as 57 percent. The need for parking spaces also decreased by 70 percent.

The modern hybrid office spaces strongly convey the company’s brand and provide flexible working solutions for changing needs. At the same time, the work culture has become more open and collaborative.

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