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Docrates Cancer Center | With the expansion, an even better service path.

“I arrive here without feeling unwell – it’s like stepping into any place where I receive excellent service.”

– Customer, Docrates

Expansion was focused on improving the service path through functionalities.

At Docrates Cancer Center, the focus was on centralizing service units and improving the customer’s service chain. With the centralization, the need for customers to move between different wings has decreased. The addition of signs has also made it easier for customers to navigate.

The goal of the spatial concept was to create a serene and homely atmosphere that is pleasant to enter.

With the expansion of the hospital, the staff’s premises also became comfortable and spacious.

“It’s so good to work here now that I never want to retire.”

– Mammography Staff, Docrates

In the design of the expansion, special attention was paid to the individual needs of various procedure rooms, rest areas, instrument sterilization, and the mammography room.

Simultaneously, the rooms for nurses and doctors were designed to be more spacious than before, allowing for the accommodation of individual needs.

Helsinki, Jätkäsaari

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The hospital needed to expand its premises, and the solution was to utilize additional space from the adjacent wing of the building. The transformation of the old office space into hospital facilities was initiated. There was a particular need for new examination rooms for nurses and doctors.

The primary goal of the expansion was to improve the patient service path while simultaneously reducing patient movement between different wings of the building. Concerns arose during the design of the corridor connecting Wing A and Wing C regarding the potential separation of the staff.

The expansion aimed to follow the concept of Docrates, maintaining a warm and patient-centric atmosphere. The concept had already been established when Kohina created a visual identity for the spaces during the initial renovation phase of the hospital in 2020.

The expansion presented an ideal opportunity to design the spaces from a clean slate, facilitating the seamless integration of the Docrates concept and addressing the functional needs of the hospital.


Customer feedback has been extremely positive, and the facilities evoke admiration. Particularly, the ambiance and tranquility of the spaces have received much praise.

Previously scattered functions have now been consolidated. With the expansion, the customer service path has been improved, and services have been sensibly centralized. The need for customers to move between different wings has also diminished.

With the expansion, a bold look towards the future was taken, ensuring the sustainability of resources.

The working conditions and comfort for the staff have significantly improved. The rooms for nurses and doctors are now more spacious, and individual preferences have been accommodated. Communal spirit has grown, and the new, more open, and comfortable staff areas encourage people to gather. Instead of separating, the corridor fosters a sense of community.

When Kohina created the Docrates spatial concept in 2020, its further development and enhancement were a natural progression as the hospital expanded.

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