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Cafe Luoto | Customers have found a welcoming cafe in the heart of the organization’s campus

When an organization has a widespread, campus-like location, an important meeting point supports social life: the cafe invites you to meet, enables community and working together.

The materials and color choices are inspired by the company’s brand colors and the industry. Various elements were introduced into the interior, which increase the appeal and feel of the space.

In the cafe, the way in which one person can control both the cafe and the restaurant and use the restaurant’s kitchen for the pre-preparation of the cafe’s products was optimized as completely as possible.

200 m2

Architecture | Furniture design | Concept | Project Management | Interior architecture | Workspace development


The organization wanted to move to hybrid working and a multi-space environment. The properties required renovation, the second part underwent a more thorough renovation to fix indoor air problems, and at the same time the room office was converted into a modern hybrid office. When the brand renewal and work culture change took place at the same time, the new facilities served as an attractive recruitment tool in line with the renewed brand.

The goal was that all the premises to be renovated are functional, i.e. practically all the premises are suitable for working from their furniture. When the organization has a large campus-like office, a relaxed cafe was designed as a meeting place for social life, which invites to meet, enables community and working together.



In an extensive project to improve the working environment, a functioning cafeteria was first implemented in connection with the staff restaurant. The cafe was designed as a natural meeting place with a low threshold. The planning focused on the employee path, how to make the different elements of the working day run smoothly and how the cafe serves at different stages of the working day and tasks.

Operationally, the aim was to perfectly optimize how one person can control both the cafe and the restaurant and utilize the restaurant’s kitchen in the pre-preparation of the cafe’s products.

The showcases and other serving furniture of the cafe were designed in such a way that there are seasonal products and a variety of products from a small lunch to a snack.

All the cafe’s furniture and surfaces are easy to maintain, durable and suitable for eating. Acoustics and lighting play a big role in the space, it’s designed to be comfortable and it’s nice to chat and hang out there. The number of customer places has been maximized. There are furniture groups of different sizes for groups of different sizes, and plants create a cozy atmosphere.

What kind of recreation and meeting places are there in your offices? Does the staff restaurant or cafe need a new look? Contact us for more information!

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