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Installation art piece designed by Kohina transformed an empty retail space in Redi Shopping Center.

“Your spatial design was truly exceptional, and the spaces evoke a powerful range of emotions!”

An empty shopping center space was brought to life with an installation artwork that utilized recyclable and reusable materials. Graphics and text merged with surfaces to create a holistic spatial experience.

The pop-up concept “Come, See, Experience” before everything changes” – these gates allowed glimpses into the moods of the future. The space was part of the shopping center’s Art Port event and also served as a stage for launches and events.

100 m2
Redi Shopping Center, Helsinki


In a very tight timeframe, it was necessary to design and implement an installation art piece as part of the Art Port event in a space undergoing transformation. The space was intended to be created from recyclable and reusable materials.

The selected materials needed to withstand heavy use as an event space, accommodating both spontaneous encounters and catering services. The space was required to attract attention with its visual appeal while also serving as a reference to the future, as well as evoking feelings and imagery. In response to this challenge, Kohina’s design team employed a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating interior architecture, service design, copywriting, and graphic design.


The project provided an opportunity to test sustainable materials and design solutions in an agile manner, collaborating closely with material suppliers, as well as fostering new urban culture in partnership with local stakeholders. The space served as a business card, in the form of a brochure, a pilot, a meeting place, and an event space.

Highlights of the design process included bold material experiments and the development of the future restaurant scene in collaboration with users. Customers were able to test and experience elements and atmospheres of the final space in advance. The installation art piece marketed the upcoming restaurant world designed by Kohina for the Redi shopping center, which opened in the fall of 2023.

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