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Avia Pilot – Creating a workspace pilot as part of a real estate development project enabled an open-minded culture of experimentation and learning. This allowed the fusion of interior architecture, property development, and the conceptualization of new business ventures.

“− Avia Pilot is an oasis of encounters for the enthusiast of bustling networking. In this urban office tower, people and ideas thrive!”

The goal in designing the concept was to experiment with a fusion of private office and co-working space. Through piloting, the aim was to gather user feedback and assess the potential for a comprehensive renovation of the entire space.

On the second floor, the renovation continued from the redesigned lobby of the first floor, where the former LAK Real Estate transformed into the current Avia Real Estate. The aesthetic of the lobby renewal was intended to extend consistently throughout all the spaces being renovated.

A sustainable spatial solution was achieved by utilizing the modular distribution of existing building systems. A traditional private office was transformed into a spacious, interactive workspace.

Introducing modern lighting to the space with minimal intervention in the existing infrastructure transformed the entire ambiance. Versatile built-in furniture solutions were used to create various focus or meeting areas. The communal kitchen area serves as an oasis for breaks and a gathering point.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
Photography Riikka Kantinkoski


Located in the immediate vicinity of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, the Avia Club concept developed by AVIA Real Estate Ltd offers flexible office solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the modern workforce. It combines the best aspects of traditional models, providing companies with both their own private spaces and access to adaptable shared spaces when needed. Thanks to these flexible areas, Avia Club’s clients can quickly and effortlessly adapt to the changing demands of hybrid work.

Following the global COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine, uncertainty has spread to Finland, impacting companies’ decision-making and commitment, particularly in certain industries. In the era of hybrid work, office spaces are expected to be more versatile and flexible. Traditional open-plan and private offices are no longer as relevant, while the demand for meeting and gathering spaces continues to rise. Avia Club offers companies both private spaces and flexible shared areas, harnessing the strengths of traditional models. These adaptable spaces allow clients to easily accommodate the changing needs of hybrid work. It is from these needs that Kohina embarked on designing the pilot.


The goal was to offer clear benefits to the client through architectural and interior architectural design. Through the pilot, we can test and gauge customer reception while gathering insights for a broader renovation plan. The concept introduces a new leasing approach, which is more appealing post-pandemic. There is also a demand for smaller leaseable spaces. The revamp, in conjunction with the lobby, enhances the property’s image, demonstrating how an old building can be revitalized without major HVAC renovations.

The solution aimed to maintain the brand and aesthetic of the spaces, ensuring a recognizable identity and a seamless continuation of the narrative from the entrance lobby to the second-floor workspaces. Kohina’s designed built-in furniture solutions created versatile and inviting work areas. There are spaces for quick meetings, small offices, bookable meeting rooms, private areas for concentration, and a communal hub that encourages gatherings and networking. With numerous companies within the property, coworking spaces can also serve their needs. For instance, dining and café services are easily accessible as well.

Seeking cost benefits and recognizability? A functional employee journey and an appealing, cohesive identity? Shall we update your office space to align with your brand, story and business goals?

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