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Evac | Modern office with a welcoming atmosphere

Fredriksberg’s modern premises in Helsinki were selected as the location for Evac’s, a cleantech solutions company, new headquarters.

Within the 430 square meters, Kohina designed a cohesive visual concept and various spaces that reflect Evac’s brand and support modern ways of working.

Evac hosts a number of international visitors, making the accessibility of the office and its location a considerable factor when selecting the new premises. The office spaces have received positive feedback from both own personnel as well as customers and other visitors.

The office entails an inviting lounge and café, shared working rooms, open workspace area, meeting rooms and for example the greatly anticipated round ergonomic seats.

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500 sqm
Helsinki, Vallila

Furniture design | Concept | Project Management | Principal design | Interior architecture | Workspace development


To replace the Espoo office, Evac needed a more modern office space that represents the company´s core business and values and the people working there. The aim was to create a welcoming space for the guest and personnel, situated close to the city center of Helsinki. The layout was to be designed to support more flexible ways of working and the plans for future growth. 


The raw space was transformed into a functioning, well-liked office. The layout has been optimized in a way that showcases the great views outside and inside the new Fredriksberg building. Both the top management and other personnel committed into working in an activity-based office, consisting of an open working space, a few working rooms and a project space. Focal points of the design are the entrance lobby, i.e. the working lounge, timeless kitchen and cafe area with fixed furniture and the main meeting room.

Scandinavian, timeless elements create the overall visual look. The furniture is carefully selected from mainly Scandinavian brands. Wood is complemented with shades of green and blue that depict Evac’s sea-focused industry. Glass wall tapings and acoustic walls have wavy patterns that bring the design together.

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