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Kiilto toimistotila.
Kiilto Group | A comprehensive renovation that included the creation of a cozy office for a Finnish family company

The story of Kiilto began in October 1919 in the Pispala district of Tampere, in a small hair tonic and shoe polish factory. The factory and office of the family-owned company, which manufactures chemical industry products, are now located a few tens of kilometers away in Lempäälä.

The Kiilto brand was strongly incorporated into the design of the new premises.

The atmosphere of the premises exudes Finnishness, and for instance, Kiilto’s own products were used in construction as much as possible. Kiilto’s office and factory community is situated in Lempäälä, enjoying its own peace and tranquility.

Here, everyone knows each other. Now, the renovated spaces also support the sharing of expertise among the close-knit work community.

Customized spaces were designed for each unit according to their specific needs.

For the finance department, the most important aspect was a peaceful working environment. Those working with shipments needed storage for folders, and international calls were required. In marketing, a shared brainstorming space was desired, while the human resources personnel needed retreat areas for confidential discussions.

Valopihan sohvaryhmä.

1 600 m2
Photography Riikka Kantinkoski

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For over a century-old family-owned chemical industry company, Kiilto, the office and factory facilities have been located in Lempäälä since 1994. Significant technical repairs were being planned for Kiilto’s owned property, and it made sense to consider the functionality of the spaces for future work during this process.

In addition to the technical repairs, the key objectives were outlined as adapting to international growth, changes in job roles, and incorporating remote work into the future work environment. The renovation aimed to support the creation of a more open and flexible office solution. The goal was to encourage employees to work across team boundaries and share their learnings within the work community. Instead of a traditional office layout, a modern hybrid work environment concept was to be developed, tailored to the needs of both hybrid work and the close-knit Kiilto family.


The guiding principle behind Kiilto’s renovated office spaces and illuminated courtyard was centered around people, not just the spaces. The redesigned open-plan office was tailored to the needs of IT, marketing, project management, order management, HR, and management. Each team had the opportunity to provide input on preliminary plans and offer feedback on how the spaces could work best for them. The layout design placed special emphasis on spaciousness and the arrangement of units.

The office spaces are divided into quieter and more active wings. In addition to each team’s workspace, these areas feature a variety of meeting and collaborative spots that reflect Kiilto’s history and coziness. The Kiilto Café serves as a meeting point, where people from the factory and laboratory areas can exchange ideas in a more relaxed environment. The illuminated courtyard seamlessly connects the laboratory and office sections of the building, creating an oasis-like ensemble. Green plants, thoughtfully designed lighting, wooden elements, and soft textiles contribute to a homely atmosphere in the spaces.

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