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Kito Erikkilä | The company’s industry and story as a factor determining design guidelines

“The biggest benefit of using an interior design office was to create a great and stylish overall look. We now have a stylish lobby and impressive meeting rooms as soon as you walk in the door. It’s positive that when the parent company renovates their own premises in the future, they want to repeat it because it looks so great!”

Kito Erikkilä manufactures ergonomic light crane systems, slewing and gantry cranes. The company represents quality, innovation and know-how and is part of the global KITO Group.

The head office and factory are located in Kirkkonummi Masala, where all Prosystem cranes are designed and manufactured.

The interior architectural solutions wanted to reflect the same quality, innovation and know-how that the company is and is known for.

The premises highlighted both the specific characteristics of the industry and the company’s Japanese background.

The starting point for interior design choices was in visualizing the brand, and the key elements that convey the company’s identity right upon entering were carefully designed. Through well-executed solutions, we meet the brand’s image and warmly welcome space users into the story

Masala, Kirkkonummi

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When it was time to design Kito Erikkilä’s premises, there was a need for a partner who could transform the spaces into a pillar of the company culture while creating a comfortable environment. At this point, the project’s architect recommended the design agency Kohina.

One of the cornerstones of the project was the company’s industry and background. Production and office spaces were located in the same place, which posed its own challenges for the design. Kohina took on this challenge purposefully and asked the right questions:

  1. Customer Journey: How does the customer arrive at the company’s premises? Is the atmosphere of the spaces supportive of the company’s brand? Kohina contemplated how to make the spaces attractive and emotionally appealing.
  2. Break Areas: How do break areas affect the corporate culture? What kind of activities should be encouraged in these areas? Kohina conceptualized spaces that promote employee well-being and align with the company’s goals.
  3. Nature of Work: What is unique about employees’ job roles? Is there anything in their daily work that should be considered in space planning? Space design is not just about aesthetics; it can directly impact productivity and employee satisfaction.


As the project progressed, Kohina added more visual elements derived from the brand identity to the spaces while maintaining elegance and sophistication. Kito Erikkilä’s office space was designed to be a place that immediately communicates the company’s story and industry when you step through the door.

The greatest benefit of Kohina’s work was the creation of a stylish and functional overall environment. The lobby and meeting rooms welcome guests with a first-class ambiance.

With this space project, the foundation was laid for future work. Office space design is more than just interior decoration – it is an opportunity to shape company culture and promote well-being. Kohina helped Kito Erikkilä create spaces that speak their story and goals.

Are your current spaces suitable and the right size for you? Do they promote well-being at work and convey your organization’s story? Are we updating your premises to match your brand? Contact us and inquire about our offer!