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Mediconsult | A functioning work environment was created with the help of the assessment of the premises and precise design

“Sufficiently functional spaces, no reason why people wouldn’t come to the office!”

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Mediconsult

The visual concept of the spaces is based on the company’s logo, brand, and industry, and it is divided into areas, each with its own distinct roles.

The main goal was to identify the needs of the organization and the industry and match them with the company culture and common rules. 

Among the brand colors, the fresh shades of blue used in the interior convey Finnishness, reliability and keeping up with the times. Effect colors bring a bit of playfulness and lightness.

The basic idea behind the design of the workspaces was that you can chat in an open space, but if you need a quieter/concentration-supportive space, you have the option of retreating to the focus rooms.

570 sqm
Ruoholahti, Helsinki

Architecture | Furniture design | Concept | Project Management | Graphic design | Interior architecture | Workspace development


The project started with an important step: to accompany the customer in the mapping of the premises and the examination of alternatives. In order to take Mediconsult’s special needs into account, Kohina prepared a space program, which also helped in choosing a space to rent.

The design process included many key steps, including architectural design, interior architecture, work environment development and change management. Kohina organized the Culture Hack workshops and the Work Pulse analysis with the goal that the facilities reflect Mediconsult’s culture and needs.

In addition to Mediconsult Helsinki’s offices, Kohina also designed the Oulu office.


Mediconsult’s space planning began with a location search. Kohina created a space program that was based on work environment planning developed with the help of work environment development tools. Based on this, the need for the space and the suitable location were determined and it was ensured that all identified needs were integrated into the space. Kohina also handled a baseline QA that helped ensure Mediconsult got exactly what they wanted.

The resulting spaces are attractive and inviting. Light floods in from the windows and the sea view crowns the whole. The facilities are designed for different needs to serve different tasks. People have no reason not to come to the office, as the facilities offer everything they need. Employees who were in the previous premises and say that the change is significant!

The cooperation between Kohina and Mediconsult is an example of how a design office can understand the client’s needs and create spaces that reflect the client’s values ​​and culture.

Are your current facilities a good fit for your needs? Do they promote well-being at work and reflect your organization’s identity? Are you considering a makeover to align your premises with your brand? Feel free to reach out to us and request a quote!