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Meeting Park OASIS |An inspiring design journey gave birth to a unique center for events and business

Dive into the world of Meeting Park Oasis with us, a unique space that offers a versatile selection of meeting, training, and collaboration facilities. From seminars and conferences to client events and TV broadcasts, our diverse spaces cater to various needs.

At the core of the design, the key inspiration was the adaptation of existing architecture to meet new functional requirements in an ecologically and cost-effective manner. The building was infused with a fresh industrial-style aesthetic, incorporating elements like metal mesh, which also served as a distinctive feature on the ceiling surfaces.

The goal was to create a versatile and seamlessly adaptable space that speaks the same language from floor to ceiling, functioning as a unified and memorable entity.

Comprehensive acoustics management was also a significant factor, receiving special attention. The design’s starting point was to make the most of existing solutions, such as relocating and repurposing the old staircase.

A sustainability perspective was taken into account by utilizing recyclable materials like Bolon’s distinctive carpets and by transforming an empty property into a new purpose while considering ecological aspects.

The innovative approach and adaptability of the designers at Kohina quickly resolved the challenges. Through design solutions, flexibility and versatile lighting were introduced to Ruoholahti’s Meeting Park, complemented by distinctive industrial-style details such as metal mesh.

6.100 m2
Ruoholahti, Helsinki


Kohina was responsible for creating the visual concept for the Meeting Park Oasis project, collaborating with the client to develop their vision. The goal was to stand out prominently in the market and establish a memorable meeting and event center for businesses. The initial challenge was that Kohina joined the project already in progress, necessitating strong project management and design skills to address time and cost pressures.

When commissioning the design work from Kohina, the client gained a professional team with whom the design process was carried out very agilely within a tight schedule, constantly reflecting on costs. It was a comprehensive project that was executed efficiently.

A tangible benefit for the client was, for example, the plans produced in a short period for cost calculations. The project was quickly mapped out, and guidelines were defined to facilitate progress. Design work was conducted in parallel with construction to adhere to the tight timeline.


The most significant achievement of the project can be seen as a novel and appealing meeting and event center that meets the customers’ needs and offers a versatile and adaptable spatial environment. The project creatively utilized existing resources and brought about an inspiring new concept within an old building. The changing spatial requirements brought about by the pandemic and its aftermath have underscored the importance of this new spatial configuration, and Meeting Park Oasis successfully addresses this challenge.

Acoustics were elevated to a sufficiently high level, functioning flawlessly even in concerts and various events. This was an important realized objective.

Kohina’s specialized expertise in heritage site design was absolutely crucial. The adaptability of Kohina’s designers to customer preferences and whims was exemplary; the work was consistently professional and skillful.

Kohina’s contribution to the color scheme design was significant. For instance, the color scheme of the Atrium floor is truly stunning, creating just the right atmosphere in the space. The floor and wall color schemes seamlessly harmonize, and the alternating color scheme of the ceiling and metal components is a clever detail. The entirety has been meticulously thought out, right down to execution.

What innovative approaches can we employ to make your space stand out from others and capture the attention of potential customers, encouraging them to choose your space over other options? Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to share more!