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Nordisk Film | Spaces where movies are made, designed to inspire and narrate a cinematic story

“We bring your stories to life…”

In the project, spaces were designed where the company’s story and industry are showcased both visually and functionally.

The material selections focused on unique experiments, emphasizing acoustics and a good sound environment, as well as incorporating the company’s mascot, the polar bear, into the spaces.

Special emphasis was placed on the meeting rooms to facilitate collaboration and idea development.

Carefully researched interior solutions, acoustics, lighting, material, and furniture selections created a cinematic and narrative atmosphere in the space.

500 m2
Photography Esa Kapila


The project aimed to provide the client with a seamless process that would result in cost savings and be executed within a well-controlled timeframe. These objectives were successfully achieved, delivering spaces that reflect the organization’s identity and personality, enhancing work efficiency through elements like lighting and acoustics.

Space efficiency and cost savings were also important considerations in the project’s design. Kohina’s responsibilities included project management, cost calculations, furniture procurement and bidding, as well as cost estimates.


The end result was the creation of spaces that align with the industry and the company’s narrative, providing optimal support for employees’ work.

In the design process, the focus was on acoustics, lighting, as well as narrative and cinematic elements. The client benefited from spaces that were both narrative-driven and functional, with cost savings and schedule management playing a central role.

When you want to bring your company’s narrative to life in your office spaces or create environments that support your unique corporate culture, inspiring work, feel free to get in touch!