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Redi Shopping Center | A Window to a New Restaurant World – Showroom to Support Tenants’ Decision-Making

“Working with Kohina has been truly rewarding and flexible. Finding a common ground in terms of both visual and functional aspects was easily achieved. It was also fantastic that the important value of responsibility to Redi has been wonderfully integrated throughout the project, in both practices and material choices.”

Tanja Linsiö, Shopping Centre Director, Shopping Center Redi

The upcoming Food Port restaurant world at Redi Shopping Center combines the ambiance of a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant with the diverse activities of the shopping center, while also offering flexible opening hours.

This ambitious and intriguing gastronomic destination is a perfect choice for the growing customer base in the area, as well as for visitors and passersby of Kalasatama. The restaurant world is set to open in the latter part of 2023.

showroomissa food portin portti logoineen

In order to advance the leasing of the upcoming restaurant world, Kohina designed a showroom located in close proximity to the available spaces. This enables potential tenants to have a view of the fundamental quality of the leasing as well as the possibilities for additional choices.

Environmental friendliness and sustainability are key focuses throughout the new restaurant world concept, and as such, the showroom has also been designed with utmost responsibility. Old retail furnishings have been repurposed and customized to fit the existing spaces. The ambiance of the showroom is enhanced through appropriate lighting and the use of recycled furniture. 

100 m2
Redi, Helsinki


The upcoming restaurant world will offer a diverse range of themes and atmospheres. Therefore, the showroom has been crafted with various stands representing different themes and moods, presenting inspiring alternatives to potential tenants.

The showroom’s ambiance is accentuated by appropriate lighting and recycled furniture, which have been used to create a variety of atmospheres within the confined space, ultimately highlighting the range of choices available for lease negotiations and future planning decisions. Additionally, Kohina’s digital models and presentations aid potential tenants in visualizing the possibilities of the space.


The role of Kohina’s designer at the showroom is crucial. Kohina’s designer is involved in presenting various options and assists tenants in envisioning the possibilities of different choices. 3D visualizations and presentations play a vital role in comprehending the space and providing a visual representation. Some parts of the space have been replicated in a 1:1 scale model.

Kohina’s designed logos and visual elements are visible in the presentation materials. Following the slogan of Redi Shopping Center, ‘For the Love of the City,’ the forthcoming restaurant world aims to be diverse to serve a broad customer base. This is why the showroom also features stands depicting different themes and atmospheres, showcasing inspiring alternatives to potential tenants. 

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