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Tampereen Energia | Towards the Campus Vision Through the Pilot

”The change in ways of operation has been profound and accelerating.!” 

-Jyri Parpola, Property security manager

With the new office space strategy, the organization gained a clear understanding of its future space needs.

In the working process, various scenarios were explored regarding the placement of units on campuses. With the help of Kohina, calculations were made on achievable savings and necessary investments.

In addition, marketing material was prepared for the available rental premises in order to attract potential tenants.

Kohina’s work environment development tools were utilized in the work environment development.

In the organizational change, Kohina created a Hybrid Work pocket book that defines the rules for hybrid work

The history of the building and the new brand look serve as inspiration for the interior architecture of the premises.


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In the middle of the pandemic, the client company had significantly empty spaces at its disposal on three different campuses in connection with two power plants and in Tampere’s Ratina. The organization had to adapt to the new market situation and decided to cut its premises costs in half.

At the same time, the organization had adopted a new customer-oriented operating model, which required the renewal of processes. It was also important to maintain and at the same time improve staff satisfaction.

On the basis of these needs, the “Energy of Dreams” project was launched, the goal of which was to find out how much space will be needed in the future, where and what kind of spaces should be located, and how unnecessary spaces can be handed over and rented to another organization.


With the help of the new office space strategy, the organization gained a clear understanding of future space needs, which helped to adapt to changing needs and achieve the set goals.

With the help of Kohina’s space modeling and cost calculations, it was possible to identify which spaces need improvement and which could be abandoned. When renting premises, the attractiveness was increased with the help of high-quality marketing material.

At the same time, a change in the work culture was initiated, in which the personnel were involved and comfort was improved by renovating the personnel facilities and implementing a pilot facility project, which also improved the employer’s image.

As a result of the project, the organization developed in terms of competitiveness and readiness for change, as the personnel adopted new ideas and methods of operation.

On the journey of change management, we use e.g. these our own work environment development tools

  • Hybrid Work – work method survey – A quick way to map the views of the staff – more information for facility planning and change management
  • Office Space Dimensioning – space program – For space search, a summary of space needs and the square footage of the future office
  • New Normal Strategy – management workshop – Guidelines for office space change, management’s common understanding of goals and work culture
  • Office Concept and Next Steps – draft planning and conceptualization process – Crystallized concept and visual appearance of the new office. A customized measure proposal for the continuation of the project
  • Culture Hack workshop – Suggestions for new operating models for the hybrid work toolkit, as well as new spatial development ideas related to the operating models for the office concept.
  • Hybrid Work Pocket Book – a manager’s guide – A tool for teams to agree on the rules of the game for hybrid work
  • House Rules workshop – Game rules of the work environment to increase functionality and comfort, a common spirit for hybrid work and the opportunity for personnel to bring forward ideas in a solution-oriented environment
  • Hybrid Pulse follow-up survey – when you want to stay on the pulse of how your work environment works

When increasing the property’s value, developing the customer experience and people’s well-being are your goals, we help. Contact us and let’s talk about how!