Confederation of Finnish Industries

approximately 200 sqm
Helsinki, Eteläranta

Furniture design | Interior architecture


The space was to be turned into a diverse meeting and workplace for the tenants working in the same floor. The chosen furniture and other design elements needed to be durable and versatile.


After careful layout and fixed furniture design, the new working cafe enables both more private working and public encounters. The new, versatile space can be used as a personnel lounge, a room for events and a diverse meeting place.

Kohina-Confederation of Finnish Industries-inviting-working-cafe-furniture design

Interior architecture choices form an inviting, versatile space for tenants.

Confederation of Finnish Industries_cafe_workplace_high table and chairs
Confederation of Finnish Industries-cafe-workplace-high table and chairs
Working-cafe-inviting-versatile furniture
Cafe-working-space divider-privacy
room divider-details-light-privacy