15 000 sqm, previously 45 000 sqm
Espoo, Keilaniemi

Concept | Interior architecture | Principal design | Project Management | Workspace development


Fortum’s previous offices at Keilaniemi, Espoo no longer served the needs of the company’s continuously evolving processes and ways of working. Cooperation and sharing knowledge was difficult in the previously four different buildings and 26 floors. The aim was to modernize ways of working and to create a more pleasant and cohesive work environment.


Fortum’s working environment was comprehensively developed and a new space program was created based on space utilization measurements, workplace surveys and co-creative workshops. Both personnel and management were involvement in the change process, including for example HR as well as communications and brand teams.

Based on the co-creative design work, the new office space now supports Fortum’s business strategy and processes. After the change, Fortum’s versatile working environment enables a more agile working culture and supports open leadership and generating innovative ideas, without the hindrance of rigid hierarchies.

The new office also represents the client’s renewed brand – the brand image was incorporated into the various aspects of the space by using different floor themes, room and customer journey symbols, signposts and graphic design elements.

Fortum-headquarters-floor themes-cooperation
Fortum-keilaniemi-finland-working cafe

Our new space enables us to work together in an open and creative manner and with people that have different competences. We can better utilize the potential that we have here.” - Corporate Relations, Communications and Security Manager / Fortum

Fortum-moss lighting-sattler-luce
Fortum-workspace-meeting room-cooperation-kohina