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ICT Company | Crafting a memorable first impression – the customer lobby showroom at the headquarters that leaves a lasting impact

”Kohina’s ideas were pleasant surprises. The innovation was impressive; I hadn’t even thought of that myself. The design also harmonizes well with the previous solutions in the showroom and lobby – they all appear as a unified whole.”

– Head of Solutions Showroom

The goal was to create an experiential, pleasant, entertaining, and multi-sensory customer journey as an extension of Kohina’s previously designed lobby concept.

The space was designed with numerous technical solutions seamlessly integrated into the overall design.

The lobby serves as a showcase of the company’s expertise and the opportunities it offers. Innovative ideas culminate in the ‘show’ element of the showroom.

”Challenging undertaking, as changes were made over several years. The solutions still appear fresh and vibrant. Additionally, the budget was adhered to, even slightly undercut!”

– Head of Solutions Showroom

BUSINESS STUDIO, ICT-company headquarters
540 m2
Southern Finland
Photography Riikka Kantinkoski


1. How to effectively showcase the products for sale in the most enticing way, ensuring that the product presentation seamlessly integrates into the customer journey of the headquarters’ lobby?

2. How to integrate a challenging array of various technical devices into the existing surface structures of the space, all while adhering to a tight budget and schedule, utilizing existing materials?

3. How to coordinate all project stakeholders and successfully bring the project to completion within the agreed-upon timeline and budget framework?

These were the starting points from which we began to address the situation using interior architecture techniques, with Kohina also taking on project management responsibilities. The challenge was to develop the customer journey alongside the client, highlighting different technological products and solutions in an experiential manner. Key elements in all of Kohina’s designed furnishings were indirect lighting and technical solutions. All furnishings needed to be maintainable, ventilated, and function correctly from a technical standpoint, as they incorporated a diverse range of equipment. 


”At the beginning, I was navigating unfamiliar waters, but working with Kohina gave me a sense of security. Kohina has managed the project well and consistently sent project summaries, which allowed me to check what has been agreed upon. Comprehensive communication with the team and coordination has been smooth – overall, everything has gone well.”  
– Head of Solutions Showroom

Despite being the lobby of the headquarters, it was expertly transformed into a fully functional sales point that conveys a lot about the company to both customers and employees. The attractive, inviting, and even playful space portrays a positive image of the company and leaves a lasting impression. The area is also adaptable for hosting various events.

The technology was seamlessly integrated into the spatial experience, avoiding detachment and instead forming a tangible, experiential whole that serves both as individual demonstrations and for sales purposes. The showroom space supports both employer branding and the company’s image for both business and consumer clients – ‘showcasing what we can achieve’… 

In the showroom, various types of customers act as both experiencers and contributors, with the customer being an active participant – thus, a modern sales process is realized as a comprehensive experience at the customer interface.

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