720 sqm
Espoo, Finland
Photos Riikka Kantinkoski



The goal was to design temporary office spaces for Orion, a pharmaceutical company, in an agile and cost-effective manner. The change in Orion Diagnostica's office space is a part of a larger work environment renewal, consisting of eight different buildings. Diagnostica's design was done in accordance with Orion's environmental values and principles of sustainable development.


Kohina was responsible for the architecture and interior architecture design of the office space. The inspiration for the design was drawn from the surrounding industrial environment. The previously empty space was turned into a calm and functional office space, in which every square inch is utilized to the fullest. The industrial-inspired, timeless, look continues throughout the space. The concrete, warm wood and soft, acoustic textiles create an interesting contrast. Neutral furniture and interior design elements can be easily re-used in the future. The look is completed with tinted versions of Orion's brand color scheme.

Orion, temporary office, kitchen, industrial
Orion, office, industrial, kitchen, details, Kohina

Timeless, carefully selected details create an interesting spatial look, in line with the surrounding industrial area.

Orion, temporary office, industrial, Kohina
Orion, lounge, seating areas, office, Kohina

The common areas of Orion's temporary office encourage to meet others and to exchange ideas.

The earthy materials and tones soften the otherwise industrial feel.

Orion, details, industrial, office, chair, acoustics, concrete
Orion, office, meeting room, earthy tones, industrial, Kohina