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Redi Shopping Center’s Entertainment World | A Fresh and Attractive Look After the Revamp

With the renovation, the visibility of the entertainment hub improved, forming a unified and attractive whole. The shopping center also received well-deserved positive attention.

Now, a more comfortable and inviting environment invites customers to enjoy the revived entertainment center.

Our goal in the renovation was to create a bold and unique concept that fully reflects the spirit of Redi and better meets the needs of our customers. Bold decisions were made in the design to ensure that Redi’s entertainment world stands out clearly from competitors.

The renovation aimed for maximum cost-effectiveness, with total costs carefully estimated in advance. This provided customers with a clear understanding of the scope of the investment.

Redi, Helsinki

Furniture Design | Concept | Project Management | Interior Architecture | Graphic Design


The appearance and profile of Redi Shopping Center’s Entertainment World were in desperate need of a makeover. The various elements of the area needed unity and appeal.

The goal was to create an Entertainment World at Redi that meets and exceeds visitor expectations. The change had to be visible to truly enhance the area’s attractiveness.

Sustainability and cost-effectiveness were of paramount importance in the renovation.


The transformation began with unifying the appearance of the area, a crucial factor in the overall success. 

By harmonizing the area’s look, a comfortable and seamless whole was created, attracting visitors and offering diverse experiences.

One of the key benefits of the renovation is the creation of visually appealing spots that inspire visitors to share their experiences on social media. Consequently, the visibility and interaction with visitors increased, bringing positive attention and added value to Redi Shopping Center’s Entertainment World.

When increasing the property’s value, developing the customer experience and people’s well-being are your goals, we help. Contact us and let’s talk about how!