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Simonkenttä commercial alley | Concept to boost rental of retail spaces.

The goal of the project was to increase the attractiveness of the alley and its business premises to support tenant negotiations.

In the design of the concept, in addition to visuality, the business perspective, changes in consumer behavior and future trends were taken into account.


Helsinki, Kamppi

Concept | Interior Architecture


Along the thoroughfare in Helsinki city center, there was a need for new tenants in the retail spaces. Even the existing shops were not performing as desired: despite their prime location, passersby were not stopping to shop and spend time in the thoroughfare’s stores.

The goal of the project was to enhance the attractiveness of the thoroughfare and its retail spaces to support tenant negotiations. Additionally, the purpose of the concept’s appeal was to also promote the sales of new tenants. In designing the concept, considerations were made not only for visual aspects but also from a business perspective, taking into account changes in consumer behavior and future trends.


Kohina designed a distinctive concept to promote rental negotiations and future operations. The central idea was the well-being-focused oasis concept, which attracts people to spend time in the shops located on and along the gateway.

The concept took into account both the visual and the functional whole. In addition, business benefit, differentiation from competitors, consumer orientation and practical implementation were taken into account. Kohina also made 3D modeling images of the concept, which were used in marketing and sales materials promoting the renting of shops in the gateway.

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