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Henley Business School | Premium premises in a premium location.

Henley Business School’s new facilities exude hospitality and warmth from the first impression. The entirety is exceptionally stylish, and the location couldn’t be better.

Interior architecture was used to create an inviting and warm atmosphere, reminiscent of the world-renowned Henley Business School estate along the Thames River in the United Kingdom.

Helsinki’s Henley Business School is located in the Cavonius House at Pohjoisesplanadi 21, a protected heritage building originally designed by Carl Ludvig Engel in 1819.

The pilot space originally designed by Kohina reflects the property’s valuable architecture, and the building details such as the protected staircases create an elegant and cozy urban block on Pohjoisesplanadi. Kohina conducted research and development to design cohesive solutions that fit the property.

The training facilities, featuring several small group rooms, are located on the third floor of the building, while administrative offices are conveniently situated on the upper floor. This arrangement allows students to focus on their studies, while knowing that support is readily available.

260 m2
Pohjois-Esplanadi, Helsinki


Henley Business School is internationally renowned as an MBA educator and Finland’s first triple-accredited business school. It is also one of Europe’s largest and the UK’s first full-service business school.

For Henley, Kohina provided tenant services, including property comparisons and creating a description of quality standards. Kohina was involved in the survey phase and contract negotiations. The choice of space was influenced by location and Kohina’s quality description, along with Kohina’s support in contract negotiations. Kohina acted as the tenant’s representative, ensuring that plans were executed during the design project.

At the project’s outset, Kohina’s workplace development experts facilitated a Culture Hack workshop focused on the impact of online work on office work, sales, and especially future training. The workshop provided a forum for discussing new work methods as well as addressing aspects of space design and equipment. The workshop also resulted in a new concept for sales.

The workshop was organized because work practices had changed post-pandemic, and although remote work and online collaboration had been widely used, common practices had not yet been established. The workshop provided a platform to discuss the topic and generate new work methods, which were taken into account in space design and equipment.


In the space project carried out for Henley Business School, Kohina was responsible for project management, workplace design leadership, interior architecture design, as well as procurement processes, delivering on a turnkey basis.

The new workspace was strategically placed in a more centralized location, offering impressive training facilities equipped with necessary AV technology, serving points, spaces suitable for group work, a client area, entrance lobby, high-quality coat racks, a striking entrance hall, and a versatile training space for various occasions.

The new campus boasts an interior design reminiscent of the ambiance of Henley Business School’s ancestral home in the UK, highlighting the building’s history with luxurious materials and intricate details. The overall upkeep and event hosting are effortless.

The campus’s location right next to a bustling city center creates a vibrant atmosphere surrounded by business activities, where tourists from different cultures add their own touch.

Training spaces with multiple small group rooms are situated on the building’s third floor, while administrative offices are conveniently placed on the upper floor. This arrangement allows students to focus on their studies while being aware of nearby support.

Visitors enter through the courtyard into an elegant lobby, where a member of Henley’s staff greets them. Coffee, tea, and snacks are offered, and the lobby provides the perfect atmosphere for breaks and networking. The upper-floor hybrid office space for staff offers synergy benefits as the office unit is located within the same building.

Overall, this is a premium property with premium office spaces and a premium location. The design and location are tailored to the clientele.

In this project, we executed a Culture Hack workshop tailored and facilitated by Kohina’s workplace development experts, where space needs became clear, work methods were updated, and even a new concept for the client’s sales approach was born.
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