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Shopping Center Redi’s Street Food food court | Inspiration from global street cuisines.

Shopping Center Redi’s Street Food court is a culinary adventure through the world’s street kitchens in an urban setting where local flavors blend with captivating cultures. 

The urban location, bold design, and art intertwine uniquely in the Street Food food court. 

Situated in the city’s heart, between Teurastamo and Suvilahti event areas, it creates a space where different cultures and art naturally convergeThis unique environment provides a bold, warm, and easily approachable atmosphere.

The concept draws inspiration from global street cuisines, evident not only in the ambiance of the restaurant area but also in several practical choices.

The walls of Street Food serve as a canvas for local film director and graffiti artist Jukka “JUGIX2” Metsäaho’s mural art. The murals are strongly influenced by sustainability and nature, giving them more profound significance.

The graphic identity of the Street Food food court.

Graphic design formed an essential part of the concept. We designed the logo and graphic identity for Street Food as part of the entire concept. 

The aim was to create visual consistency and attractiveness throughout the area.

The logo and graphic identity give a window into what customers can expect from their restaurant experience. They entice customers to step in and enjoy the experience.

The driving force in the design process was sustainability and a strong commitment to local choices.

The consideration of sustainability in the design began with a profound understanding of the customer journey and the daily routines of restaurateurs. Special attention was given to people’s movement and the functionality of the restaurants, fine-tuning the significance of every detail.

We favored local businesses in all choices, including collaborators, materials, and loose furniture. Custom furniture was manufactured in Finland, adding a unique touch to each space.

Sustainability played a significant role in our technical solutions, such as lighting design and the placement of restaurant kitchens, where the goal was to maximize energy efficiency.

Redi, Helsinki

Interior Architecture | Concept | Furniture Design | Project Management | Service Design | Graphic Design I Lighting Design


The goal was to create an entirely new and bold restaurant concept that would be part of the latest and expanded Food Port restaurant world in the Redi shopping center.

The restaurant concept was intended to exude comfort and a genuine “Street Food” atmosphere while strengthening local identity and promoting community in the area. 

Since the restaurant concept is part of a larger Food Port restaurant world, special attention was given to the service path; customer flows, and logistics. 

The guiding design principle was sustainability, evident in both actions and choices.


Street Food restaurant concept became a distinctive and lively addition to the Food Port restaurant world, offering urban dwellers a culinary journey through the world’s street kitchens.

Kohina’s expertise was beneficial in designing the restaurants and leasing and marketing the spaces. Kohina designed a separate showroom and marketing materials to support leasing restaurant spaces. Kohina’s project leadership served as practical support for the restaurateurs until the opening day.

The vital sustainability goals of the concept are visible in both technical solutions and material choices, where we utilized existing structures, materials, and technology extensively, including locally sourced loose furniture.

The walls and ceiling of the restaurant received vitality from the mural artistry of local artist “JUGIX2,” and each restaurant received a unique color scheme. 

The overall concept was crowned with Kohina’s designed Street Food logo and graphic identity.

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