500 sqm
Unioninkatu, Helsinki
Photos Riikka Kantinkoski


The unique Wuorio House, one of the oldest buildings in the center of Helsinki, was selected as the location for Ilmatar's new headquarters. Ilmatar has the entire 6th and 7th floors from the 1800s building and the modern new construction, leaving room for growth. To seamlessly integrate the old with the new and to make the visual identity theirs, Ilmatar held an interior architecture competition for the concept design. Kohina's experiential proposition highlighting the future, different senses and shapes of wind whirls, charmed the client and the cooperation started. Acoustics, lighting design and incorporating modern technical solutions into the historical building were at the core of the design and eventually the functionality of the space.


A unique, modern office was created for Ilmatar into one of the most valued properties in Helsinki. The traditionally echoing 1830s rooms with high and curvy ceilings were modified into functional and visually seamless office spaces. The design concept brings the old and the new parts together, connecting the architecture with wavy shapes, forms and earthy tones. Long-lasting solutions, high quality as well as ecological and Scandinavian choices served as the basis for the interior design. Tailored acoustic and lighting solutions leave room for the original architecture, while catering to the needs of hybrid work.

Unlike traditional energy companies, Ilmatar takes part in all phases of windpower projects - from acquiring financing to the ready-standing wind turbines and their use. Therefore, to appeal to the high-expecting visitors, the office was to look prestigious, but not ostentatious. The flow of wind and a high-quality image starts from the almost movie-like lobby space with its tailored sound effects. Continuing to the meeting rooms and work stations, the visitor can sense Ilmatar's brand throughout the journey. Meeting rooms and board room with latest audiovisual technology as well as versatile work stations and working café provide alternative places to work and exchange ideas.

Ilmatar-headquarters-lobby-lounge-lobby-sofa-round shapes-interior architect-Kohina-v

Interior architectural choices reflect the movement of the wind in wavy shapes. Materials create a calm and natural feel throughout the office.

Kohina-Ilmatar-office-detail-lighting fixture-tap-interior architecture-p
Ilmatar-unique-office-headquarters-wood-architecture-details-lighting-interior architect-Kohina-p

"The end result is staggering. It's stylish and speaks of high quality, but it's not over the top. Thanks to the color and furniture choices, the space feels calm and harmonious - just as we wanted it to" - Head of Sales and Marketing, Ilmatar.

Ilmatar-headquarters-office-round-ceilings-interior architect-Kohina-v
Ilmatar-office-kitchen-cabinets-interior architect-Kohina-v
Ilmatar-office-modern-workspace-new construction-glass wall-interior architect-Kohina-p

"Workspaces are a clear competitive advantage when it comes to recruitment. We now have the most appealing office in terms of the views, interior design and versatile spaces for work", Chairman and co-founder, Ilmatar.

Ilmatar-unique-office-modern-meeting room-Kohina-v

Unique interior architectural details beautifully frame the architecture and views over the center of Helsinki.

Ilmatar-office-Helsinki-meeting room-Kohina-p
Kohina-Ilmatar-office-wood-kitchen-fixed furniture-counter-p

Tailored fixed furniture and lighting solutions, brass details and wooden surfaces finish the harmonious look.

Ilmatar-office-board room-meetings-classic-high-quality-Kohina-v
Ilmatar-board room-wood-meeting room-furniture-interior architect-Kohina-v

The audiovisual technology is completely hidden in the meeting rooms - leaving room to appreciate the architecture, soft shapes and natural light.

Ilmatar-office-meeting room-earthy tones-timeless-interior architect-Kohina-v

The 7th floor lounge with inviting sofas, soft carpets and views over the Esplanade park gives the final touch to the unique office.

Ilmatar-attic-warm nordic-details-interior architect-Kohina-v
Ilmatar-top floor-attic-sofa-lounge-v