approximately 18 000 sqm
Helsinki, Pasila

Concept | Furniture design | Interior architecture | Project Management | Workspace development


The spaces of the Elisa headquarters were no longer in line with the changes that had taken place in the working culture. The new Elisa Ideal Work (EIW) -philosophy, which outlines the evolution of the workspace, was to be implemented in the physical space: changing ways-of-working and digitalization set the requirements for the design solutions.

As a forerunner in implementing digital ways-of-working, Elisa has been developing modern offices that entail versatile working spaces since 2005. As a continuation, the goal of this work environment change was to create a flexible working environment that supports Elisa’s renewed processes and utilizes relevant digital solutions. Also, the spaces were to encourage personnel and others to meet each other both in a preplanned and spontaneous manner.


In cooperation with Elisa, Kohina helped to develop the Elisa Ideal Work (EIW) -work environment concept and to implement it at the Pasila Campus. After the renovation, the head office now supports the EIW goals, such as employee satisfaction and renewed processes, which in turn have been proven to improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

The design was based on the processes, ways of working and values of Elisa. Elisa’s values are showcased in the various floor themes, including their spatial solutions, color schemes, materials and high-end furniture choices. To ensure that the spaces continue to captivate the interest of those using them, the floors have been designed to be distinct from each other. When it comes to working, the most important features for the people at Elisa are the varied working spaces that enable cooperation as well as the quiet corners where to retreat alone or together with others.

Take a look at Elisa's renewed restaurant and conference center.


”The feedback from our personnel and their satisfaction tell us that we have succeeded.” – Workplace Development Manager, Elisa.

Elisa-virtual reality-new technology

”The cooperation between Kohina's team and Elisa's key personnel, construction manager, hvac designers as well as with contractors worked excellently.” 
– Jari Salo, CRE Management Director, Elisa.