Helsinki, Kamppi

Concept | Interior architecture


New tenants were needed into a shopping centre. Empty retail spaces were situated around a bisy passageway in the heart of Helsinki. Also, the current retail businesses did not perform as hoped: despite the central location, passers-by did not stop to shop and spend time in the passageway stores. Thus, the objective of the project was to design a shopping centre concept that would increase the attractiveness of the passageway as a whole and the sales of its stores as well as to advance lease negotiations. The design of the concept was based on a cohesive visual idea as well as future business, changes in consumer behavior and trends.


Kohina designed a unique retail space concept to advance the lease negotiations and to support future business. The design idea was formed around a wellbeing-focused oasis concept, which encourages people to spend time in the passageway and stores around it. The design combined both visual and functional aspects. In addition, Kohina took into account the concept’s business benefit, standing out from competition, consumers’ changing needs and its practical implementation. The client will use Kohina’s 3D modeling photos in their marketing and sales materials to find new tenants. Kohina also designed new signage to attract and help the customers on their journey in the shopping center. 



The wellbeing retail space concept visualizes the space for new tenants.