5 000 sqm
Helsinki, Ruoholahti

Interior architecture | Project Management | Workspace development


The height and spaciousness of the Handelsbanken head office lobby set challenges for the acoustics of the space. In addition to improving the acoustics, the lobby was to showcase the brand image and Nordic, sustainable values of Handelsbanken.


The large, echoing space was transformed into an acoustically pleasant whole. To maximize the functionality of the space, the customer journey and interactions were used as the core of the design work. The lobby can now be modified to be used for various events as well as ad hoc -meetings and brief working sessions.

After the change, the head office lobby embodies the brand image and values of Handelsbanken, in line with the office working spaces. The design of the lobby makes all of the visitors to feel welcomed, whether they are coming from outside the company or from Handelsbanken’s other offices. The custom designed reception desk opens into every direction, making every quests access easy and pleasant. Also, the lobby now includes a space for storing luggage.


Impressive lobby, interior architecture is in line with the company values.

Handelsbanken-lobby-acoustic-wooden wall panel-Kohina

”Kohina understood our needs and wishes well. Already the first layouts were great." – HR Manager, Handelsbanken.

Handelsbanken-lobby-moss wall-lounge-Kohina
Handelsbanken-lobby-interior architecture-scandinavian-furniture-acoustics-lighting