Hotel Fabian

Helsinki, Kaartinkaupunki

Architecture | Principal design | Property development


The property owner of wanted to transform the old office building into an experiential hotel. The challenge was to convert the infrastructure and functionality of an office to that of a hotel. Kohina’s architect needed to solve how to create a functional whole, including for example the laundry and breakfast functions, that would maximize the positive hotel experience. Kohina worked as a subconsultant to Jaakko Puro Ltd, who was responsible for the project as a whole.


The office space was successfully transformed into a hotel. The small and compact hotel no longer resembles an office and the functionality of the whole hotel works. Overall, Kohina enabled the creation of a relaxed boutique hotel experience. In 2018, Hotel Fabian was selected as the best hotel in Finland for the third time.

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Hotel Fabian-facade-architecture-Kohina-Helsinki

Hotel Fabian was selected as the best hotel in Finland in 2018 for the third time.

Hotel Fabian-hotel design-architectural design-architecture-Kohina